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“Deeds commend us the most, not words.”

We implemented the first project in Lithuania in 2001. Now we develop our activities in other countries as well, i.e. in Latvia, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

Nine projects jewelling Vilnius’ image make our card and those 771 happy families living in those houses make the evaluation of our work.

On 2007 August was finished construction of the A block of VIP Šilaičiai project in Pašilaičiai districk. There are 62 new families, which setle down to their new apartments.

Year 2006 ended together with the end of construction of the K block of VIP Šilaičiai project in Pašilaičiai neighborhood. 59 families had their housewarming parties in their new homes.

Between Antakalnis and Užupis, Filaretų st. 33/35, Vilnius
In 2006 in the junction of Antakalnis and Užupis, Filaretų st. 33/35, we built sophisticated five- and seven-storey apartment buildings with attics where 77 settlers bought their apartments.

Oginskis place, Oginskio st. 24, Vilnius
In the end of 2004 we built a homely two-storey apartment building with the attic in one of the oldest Vilnius‘ neighborhoods – Antakalnis. 24 families now live here.

Project in Žirmūnai, Minties st. 8, Vilnius
In the beginning of 2005 three new apartment buildings were added to Žirmūnai neighborhood. There are a total of 116 apartments in two five-storey buildings and one sixteen-storey building.

Project in Žvėrynas, Elnių st. 23, Vilnius
In 2003 we built a third apartment building alongside previous two. This building is 27-storey-high and matches the Žvėrynas neighborhood perfectly.

Project in Antakalnis, Šilo st. 19, Vilnius
In spring of 2003 we finished construction of a five-storey apartment building in Šilas st. that now lodges 54 families. 

Projects in Žvėrynas, Elnių st. 25 and Elnių st. 27, Vilnius
Vilnius’ Žvėrynas neighborhood that reminds of a heart if looked at in the map has a long history that can be traced back for decades. In 2002 we have built two seven-storey buildings in Elnių st. with 120 apartments in them.

Project in Žvėrynas, Vytauto st. 46, Vilnius
In 2001 we implemented our first project. Four-storey apartment building rose in Vytautas street and 21 family found their home there.
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